Did You Know?

Stretcher services were born when ambulance services could not handle the growing number of stable patients who needed transport. This was due not only to a population increase, but also to the aging demographic.

In both care facilities and private homes, many bed ridden patients are able to be positioned in a wheelchair during the day. A wheelchair is more comfortable for the patient and helps to prevent the development of bed sores. A patient transferred in an appropriate wheelchair has an improved quality of life and can better interact with others and actually enjoy the outing. 



So why are we still using expensive stretcher services for the majority of these patients? Because old habits are hard to break. It is the way things have always been done in most people’s memory. Community Paramedics Service Inc. uses specially designed wheelchairs and lifting techniques imported from best practices in Germany to revolutionize the medical transport industry. The good news is that we are able to provide this extra comfort at a fraction of the cost of a stretcher service. 

Remember, while care homes may have to abide by government contracts when they pay for the transport, private individuals are not so bound. 

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