About Ray

I have never met someone as jovial and friendly as Ray. A former trucker, he and I almost immediately bonded over our discussion about engine function and vehicle maintenance. Ray is, perhaps, the youngest person in the personal care home in which he resides because of mobility issues. Yet he offers great advice whenever I have questions about our fleet’s performance. He still retains all of his knowledge from maintaining his own rig and generously shares it with me.


 One day, at our improvised tailgate party at Tim Horton’s, Ray helped me solve what I thought was an unsolvable mechanical issue by reviewing with me the basics. Now whenever I have any vehicle questions, I run it by Ray even before I go to my mechanic. Ray is no longer a trucker and no longer gets to work on engines, but he talks about it every day and I benefit from his experience and his friendship. While I no longer work in EMS, I believe my experiences as a paramedic have enhanced my ability to serve Ray with medical transport. I hope I have helped him as much as he has helped me.