About Janice

One day in the fall while we were doing a presentation to a seniors group in Transcona, Home Care in Selkirk contacted us to transport a lady for a feeding tube change. Janice, who was in her 70s, had had cancer and had lost the ability to speak with the partial removal of her tongue. Always cheerful, Janice, nevertheless loved to regale me with stories of her colourful past. At first it wasn’t easy to understand her, especially when she spoke quickly. 


The more I understood, the more freely she spoke of her fascinating history. Suffice it to say that Janice’s past would make your head spin. She once noddingly approved of me writing a book about her. But we agreed that that should wait until we knew the end of the story. Janice moved to another province recently. It tugged at my heart when she hugged me and had a little cry, saying she would miss me. She thanked me for all our paramedics had done to assist her over the years. I’m not yet ready to tell you her full story. Janice is alive and well. I know I will see her again.